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Are you planning for a wedding? Have you booked your wedding dress and wonder whether it would be a perfect fit? Are you one among them, whose dress never had a good fit? Then this blog is for you.

It can be a blouse for a traditional saree, or a heavy worked lehenga, pretty long wedding gown with bustles.... they would look good only when they are comfortable and well-fitted.

Plan Well and Expect Worst Initially

Specially ordered wedding dress or bridesmaid dress from the manufacturer, definitely needs some fitting at busts, hip or waist. Never estimate that you are getting a well-fitted dress on the first-go.

Tip No.1 - Search for the right Tailor

Getting references for doing alterations may be a good idea. But it is not always true that the tailor who did a good job for me will do the same to you.

Source: Quora

Feel free to choose your tailor who would match your frequency. Never get stressed on this, but plan ahead, to do fitting well in advance to have a perfect look. 

Tip No.2 - Give enough time for Alterations and Fitting

Spare 6 to 8 weeks for alterations. As you may be aware that many weddings happen each day and also on your wedding day. You may never know how busy your tailor could be, or how your work schedule would be. Have enough time and schedule more than one appointment. 

If you like to complete alterations during weekends, then you should plan a bit earlier. Weekends are always the most wanted time for many brides for such works.

Don't be silent about the fitting to your tailor. At the end of the day, you should be comfortable with a heavy special dress for a long duration of the day. Communicate your requirements with clarity to have better output. And thinking about the dress is the last thing but important one you want to think on your wedding day amongst many other things during celebrations.

Semi-stitched lehengas needs few alterations for extending length or reducing waist sizes. Semi-Stitched gowns for reception or Mehandi dress or a well-embellished blouse with handwork for your saree, every kind of dress needs careful attention.

If it is a stitched dress, do fitting to waist size, fitting of blouse and if the dress has straps, try to fit them too. More than one fitting session maybe required. So get prepared for it.

Tip No.3 - Rent a Dress

It will not be surprising that your wedding dress would be first one of the kind. One of the Best way is to rent a dress similar to the one you like. This will help a lot to assess how the fabric is felt, how well such dress will look on you. Its much cheaper than getting two dress just in case.

Rent a bridal lehenga

Source: Rugal2Fab

Check the neck depth, sleeves, etc. This step allows planning jewelry and shoes a lot more easier and meaningful.

Tip No.4 - Plan your Shoes

Shopping for Shoes is one of the last things which most of us would do. But one needs to plan what kind of shoes to wear in advance.



Deciding on a what heel height your shoes should have will matter a lot. And always take your shoes for alteration for right length of  the dress.

Tip No.5 - Plan your Undergarments

                                                                                                                                    Under skirts shape, flare can determine the actual look of your lehenga or dress.

Bridal under garments





Different brassiere give different shape giving a very different look for your blouse or dress. Choose your shapewear while choosing your dress.

Tip No.6 - Iron your Bridal wear Professionally

Hem the dress and press well. This will give a crisp look. 

 Tip No.7 - Try wearing your Full Dress Set and check

Try your dress a week before with complete make-up, matching jewelry and shoes. Often seen many brides joining a weight reduction program when the marriage is planned. Believe me, it is not just going to give you a very good slim look but will be challenging to fit your dress. So plan accordingly.


Hope you like these tips. If you think, something needs to be added to the list, let me know. This is a small effort from our side for all the brides out there to have an incredible checklist for alterations to enjoy her bridal wear.

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