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One of the "off age" style outfits that have impressed me off-late is Ghararas. Gharara is the new style statement that one must have as part of their wardrobe. This is generally worn with Kurtis and dupatta. It is taking its elite position and getting clear attention to being the quintessential piece of traditional wardrobe outfits among the new age celebrities. Looks its best when its made with a good deal of fabric measuring somewhere between 6m to 12 m.

This style of dressing which was born in Lucknow, then Awadh can be described in short as pyjamas with pleats that are joined with embellishment. This can be handworked, Salma-Sitara or Zardozi or simple lacework. This style was a part of everyone's wardrobe in Nawabi's reign worn by royal women as well as commoners, as formal wear as well as daily wears. 

As a child, I used to watch classic Urdu Genre Bollywood movies which had these styles of dressing not just for heroines like Madhubala, Leena Chandravarkar, Mala Sinha, Sadhana, MeenaKumari, Surraiya but to most of the supporting female cast, depicting the lifestyle in that era. I used to be amazed at how they looked gorgeous and beautiful. Movies during the early 50s and beyond like Barsaat ki Raat, Mere Mehboob, Mehboob ki Mehendi, Garm Hava, Umrao Jaan or Pakeeza and many more flash a certain style of dressing before my eyes and I think of Ghararas which were in style.

Though there are many pictures I wanted to share but its too much for this article. The one which I couldn't resist sharing was my favourite actress Shabana Azmi's  Umrao Jaan playing the role of Khanum Jaan, a role that was played by Shaukat Kaifi her mother in the same movie title released in 1981.

Shabana Azmi

Modern Gharara has tight tunics in comparison to conventional ones and pleated more below knees with a joint.

Below are a few celebrity pics that I took from the internet as part of my research on Gharara Style are of Kareena Kapoor from a few public appearances, the movie 'Agent Vinod' and the famous wedding pics of her mother in law and herself respectively..  and wedding outfits show the difference between the modern look and traditional look of the outfit.



Agent Vinod


Today Ghararas are worn for formal celebrations like Fararas, Shararas and Lehengas. Farshi Ghararas which are floor-length and Chatpati Ghararas are worn in wedding ceremonies, like Mehendi, sangeet, engagement and the kind of big days.

Celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Madhuri Dixit, Malaika Arora, Nita Ambani and many more who are style influencers of the recent time are bringing this Gharara to limelight and making a fashion statement


Gharara in our shop comprises both Pakistani and Indian brand. Fabrics used may vary between cotton, rayon, georgette or silk. Since Ghararas are saved for formal events like weddings or festivals like Ramadaan they are mostly seen with heavy works.

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