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Know your jewelry 

A lot of us women including me do experiment with our jewelry in the wardrobe to give us always a different look everyday. Not to mention its my favorite time too.

We all have our own collections which are unique to our taste, made in different materials, giving a different finish, worn for different occasions and bought at different places like street or a designer or at a shop.

In my case I keep trying many combinations and jewelry styles before I choose to wear for the dress whether it is to showcase a formal look, casual or traditional. 


Today I would like to show how chokers can be worn for various dressing styles. I love to wear a choker on both Western and Ethnic dresses. Irrespective of the finish of the jewelry, a choker adds beauty and draws a lot of attention to your  face more specifically your eyes.


Tip 1: Highlight your eyes while wearing your chokers


What is a Choker Patti

Choker patti is a style of necklace which is worn around the neck above the collar bone. In southern part of India, a thin golden finished string holding a dollar is famously known as 'Addigai'. This is the first choker I was impressed in my childhood.



Source: Pinterest; traditional wedding jewelry has addigai/choker.

Choker comes in many material finishings like velvet, stones, cloth, plastic metals like Gold, Silver, German Silver, Rosegold or even Pearls and a multitude of combinations.



Tip 2: Wearing a jewelry which matches to your eye color is more attractive. The choice of jewelry can match to your handbag or shoes but not to your dress.

Look better with Chokers

Choker patti best suits those who have a long neck line. It fills the gap between the face and body.

The Bollywood celebrities in the below images have stunning looks wearing the choker. Choker patti is such an elegant piece that it can be paired with a long chain or be worn alone.


 Source of Pic:-  & Pinterest

Hacks to use chokers:

If you have a round face and short neck then there is hack to wear and look pretty. 

Style your hair with high bun, wear a deep neck top/blouse. This will give an illusion of long neck. Give space for your choker and it will do the magic. 


Tip 3: Try to use ethnic jewelry with western clothes. Believe me they complement the look. 

Winter and chokers

Using a jewelry piece of your choice should not be limited because of weather. Chokers sit well on turtle neck too. When i moved to a cold country i always wanted to embrace my ornaments as i used to. 

Source: Pinterest

 Enhancing your looks with a Choker

Pair them with studs. In case of formals, you can skip it and just highlight with chokers.


Gold finish choker with stones 

Left:Golden finish choker with ear-rings; right: antique finish choker with semi-precious stones



Pearls and stone chokers:

Pearl chokers with stone finish can go well with all kinds of dresses.

Necklines play a bigger role in choosing choker pattis. Open necklines or deep neck or strappy neck lines.

Pearl choker   Princess Diana stunning look with pearl choker
Semi-precious stones choker
Semi-precious choker with ear-rings from our collection


One choker patti of your choice is a must in your wardrobe. They go well with any kind of outfits like off-shoulders, strapless blouses, corset tops, tube tops.

Fashion icon during 70's and 80's had a velvet choker with modern look choker on ethnic wear.

Have a look at our choker patti collections


If you have a beautiful experience that you had a stunning look with choker patti, please feel free to share in comments section below.

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Chokers is my favorite jewelry it looks good on any outfit. Dressing styles have beautiful collections..

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