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Did you notice that the fashion from the 60's is returning? In those days, there was an extended and relaxed silhouette. Yes, the last weeks of fashion for the year have sleeves fitted to the elbow and flared at the wrist. Designers love to add  silhouettes with bell sleeves that create a perfect fashion statement.

The bell sleeves can be longer, clean lines or with ruffles. The change of sleeves brings the design a notch up.

I have added couple of designs which are new in this blog to keep it simple and not loaded with more items. 

History of Bell Sleeves

This style is from the medieval era. The style was embraced in England extending from French culture. Large layered sleeves added a spectacular look that was fashionable among the rich.

Bell sleeves disappeared a few years back but returning now with refinement, adding a dramatic twist to the outfit.

Ethnic wear with an edgy style statement

Outfits gets an improved look with a simple change in sleeves. This style statement can be widely seen in Indian clothing apart from western outfits.

Check out our few collections which to keep you ahead of the trend.


Our Collection - Kurtis

These solid colored Georgette Kurtis with long sleeves embellished with multi-layered Kurtis. All over work with embroidery, mirror and bead works which can be paired with leggings or yoga pants. Please check for more colors.


Our Collection - Lehengas

Today, the trend is to be modern and stand out from regular designs. And this beautiful black dress with flared sleeves, will definitely be a trend-setter for its kind. Bell sleeves on a lehenga blouse are eye-catchy and hit!


Our Western Tops

Western collection which is just right for office work. A couple of them are being showcased below.

More Options:

It looks like the season may have more and more options. I would like to hear your comments on these sleeves. Also join me on my facebook page.

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