What is "Angarkha"

I keep hearing 'Angrakha' wherever I go, like if she wanted to go to the party with an Angrakha Anarkali, or if he wanted to buy her a Angrakha Kurti or an Angrakha top, and I know why. If you don't, let me tell you!


Angrakha is an ethnic top that has an asymmetric opening, knotted or secured by either thread ties or loops. The Angrakha is an extremely versatile garment that has been innovated and integrated with Indian ethnic wear as a style of kurti and can be worn with any type of bottom such as a chudithar (which are slim fitted pants that have pleats around the waist and gathers at the ankles) or a salwar. This type of garment originates from Rajisthan and is a widely popular choice of attire not just in that state but in other parts of the country as well.



Traditionally, there are two types of Angrakhas. These are,

Kamari Angrakha: The Kamari Angrakha ends right at ones waist and is looks quite similar to a frock in the sense that the bottom half of this garment flairs outwards. This type is most commonly worn during a festival or any celebration. Another reason why this type is worn for festivals is that it gives one the freedom to move ones legs while dancing, especially as it is paired with dhotis.

Knee length Angrakha: This type of Angrakha is worn on a daily basis and serves to protect one’s body from the heat and the sun. It looks its best when paired with chudithars . However, one can even wear them with pajamas or even salwars.



Any Angrakha top is unique because of its asymmetry, which is highlighted by the piping or applique work done especially along the edges. These edges are along the opening, the neck and the sleeve-endings.

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