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Pants have come a long way since they have first started. There are now a over hundred types of pants. Palazzo pants, Cigarette pants, Jeans, you name it! But some of the are just the best of the best, like these ones;-

1. Palazzo Pants

Ever since the late 1900s, palazzos have become really popular. Some say they have made a comeback, but I say they never left the trending list! Palazzo pants are particularly comfortable because of their splendidly free cut, which allows the legs to spin around you as you walk and gives an exquisite flare to your figure. This free styling can be modestly conservative, rather like French-cut flared pants which flare from the hip instead of the waist. In any case, if you like, you can find palazzo pants which are roughly styled, looking for all intents and purposes like a maxi dress instead of pants.

2. Cigarette pants

Just like I said about palazzo pants, cigarettes have been really admired since they have first started being popular. They are slim fitted pants that curl up around your legs and make you feel comfortable.They end in a small leg opening usually an inch or two above the ankles. Not like other trousers, cigarette pants feature a straight opening at the foot rather than a tappred or flared ending. The cigarette pants are also known as “pencil pants” or “slim-fit pants”. These pants became popular in 1950s. The most common Cigarette pants colors were black for men and women wore them in almost all the colors including denim.

3. Harem Pants

While harem pants today are a reflection of a casual lifestyle and laid-back living, they have evolved over a more complex history. Whether you’re a traveler, enjoy a more laid-back style of dressing, or just like to be comfortable, these pair of pants have been worn by both men and women for centuries. The years have seen them take a fascinating path from being a traditional ‘dhoti’ worn by men in the east to men and women around the world wearing them everyday.With so many different prints and materials available, they have become very fashionable and can be purchased in many stores and places that promote a boho lifestyle, including places like Thailand where we source ours from. 

4. Sailor Pants

Sailor pants are by far my favourite type of pants! Sailor pants have been in fashion for quite sometime. Everywhere I go, I see at least one person wearing sailor pants. These pants started getting popular in the late 1960s and the early 1970s. Sailor pants are wide at  the bottom of the leg and usually these type of pants have 3 buttons on each side at the waist Most of the modern sailor trousers are flared ones.

5. Stirrup Pants

Stirrups have originally been worn by horse riders who needed their pants in palce after they had worn their boots.


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